About libUrl

LibUrl is the script library used by Revolution to implement the commands and functions that use HTTP and FTP urls. It is installed with the Revolution IDE.

It is used when the following Revolution commands and functions are called with HTTP or FTP urls:

     load url <url> [with message <message>]
     unload url <url>
     get url <url>
     put <data> into url <url>
     post <data> to url <url>
     delete url <url>
     the cachedUrls

It also contains additional handlers that can be called directly from your scripts. See the documentation page and release notes for further information.


Development of libUrl for use with both the Revolution and Metacard IDEs is sponsored by Runtime Revolution.

The project was originally developed by Andu Novac who put together the first versions from scratch. This project owes much to his efforts, especially in implementing the contents of the various rfc's for ftp and http.

Thanks also to all the other contributors and bug reporters who have helped to improve the library.

The library is currently maintained by Dave Cragg.

April 11, 2006