LACS English Fluency Test

The LACS English Fluency Test is a short (approx. 10 minutes) online test of English. It gives a general indication of a person's fluency in speaking English.

It differs from many other computer-based tests in that it tests more than just knowledge of English. The test method requires mental activity that is much closer to that involved when speaking.


The LACS Fluency Test is ideal for institutions that need to test large numbers of people in their English-speaking ability. The test can be conveniently taken from within most web browsers. The administrative interface reduces costs by making it easy to assign tests and quickly view results.

  • Placement testing: It can be used by language schools or other institutions that need to place students in appropriate classes for training.
  • Employment: It can be used to quickly assess the English-speaking ability of potential employees.
  • Test validation: It is very effective in validating the results of other more formal and extensive tests. In particular, it can be used where there is doubt that a score in another test really reflects a person's ability to speak English (as opposed to having a large knowledge of English).
  • Replacement for interview testing: Interview testing is often used as a backup or supplement to written tests as a way to confirm a person's speaking ability. To be done effectively, interview testing is expensive and time consuming. The LACS Fluency Test provides a more cost-effective way of achieving similar results.

Ease of use

The system is easy to use whether you need to test a few students or several thousand. The test can be taken remotely on any computer that is connected to the internet. (Although where integrity is important, we suggest it is taken in a controlled environment.) There is an administrative interface that makes it easy to enable people to take the test. This interface also makes it easy to monitor results.

Try the test

To try a sample test, click here. When the test is loaded, click the Try Sample Test button. This will let you take a shorter test (30 questions instead of the usual 80).

Test method

Click here for a description of the test procedure.

Further information and evaluation request

If you are interested in learning more about the LACS English Fluency Test and trying out the full test, please e-mail us using the link at the foot of this page. We can supply a number of Logon IDs for you or your students to use. (Each person will be able to take the test up to 12 times.) Furthermore, if you are interested in deploying the test, we can set up Administrative access with a limited number of test licenses for you to assign as you like.