Customized software

The LACS Centre makes customized software for a wide range of purposes, but we specialize in software for work-related language learning, from simple exercises to complete adaptive learning systems.

From CD-ROM to the internet

We build simple programs that run from CD-ROMS, or complete systems that take advantage of the Internet.

The Internet offers many possibilities for networked learning. Students can learn anywhere, at home, at school, at work. Software and content is easily updated. Students' progress is easily monitored. We have many years of experience in delivering internet and intranet solutions.

Complete solutions

We provide software for learners, for teachers, and for administrators. We also provide the back-end services and databases that link everything together.

We can deliver software built entirely to your specifications, or provide solutions built on our own learning methods and technology.

Hosted solutions

We can host internet solutions for you on our own servers in Europe. This can free you up from the tiresome and sometimes frustrating tasks involved in maintaining servers. Back-end databases and internet servers can deliver content and learner data directly to your computer whether you are at work, at home, or on the road.

LACS learning technology

We have our own range of learning and testing activities that can be incorporated into the software we provide.

We build software that takes advantage of what computers can do to improve learning. While we recognize that ease of administration is one of the attractions of computer-based learning, we don't let administrative requirements dictate the content and methods of the learning programs.

We do much more than transfer conventional textbook content to computers. Textbooks have many limitations, especially in the field of language learning. With computers, you can control what the learner sees and hears, when they see and hear it, and how often they see and hear it. To do this with conventional textbooks normally requires the presence of a teacher.

Do we think computers can replace teachers? Not at all. We see computers as an aid to learning. With language learning especially, computers can't provide the communicative practice that can be achieved in the classroom. But we do believe that computer based learning can more effectively utilize out-of-class time.